Saturday, 23 April 2016

T is for Throupe sisters

Mary Ann Throup was my great,  great grandmother and she left her home in Yorkshire after she married John Holmes. However this post is not about her. I was given a photo of her sisters. Trying to work out who's who is great fun. The 3 sisters on the right are married as  you can make out their wedding rings under magnification. One sister Jane Ann did not marry so I think she is on the left. Mary Ann had  6 sisters but one, Elizabeth died in 1856 so the ones that could be in the photo are Hannah, Jane Ann, Margaret Caroline, Martha Selina and Maria. I suspect that these are the four younger sisters of Mary Ann- from Left to right. Jane Ann, Margaret Caroline, Maria  and  Martha Selina. The labels with the photo are not mine but I concur with the bottom set of names but add Maria as the one not named on the album as she looks younger than the rest and Maria was the youngest daughter. Isn't it great to have a photo of your great great grandmother's sisters even if I can't be sure which one is which.