Thursday, 16 April 2015

N is for Naish

Earlier I posted at  with some photos of Naish children that I couldn't recognize. Now I hope that I can name a few. this time I have the photos of the parents too.
 The family is
William and Georgina Naish and 12 children. William & Georgina Married in Warwick Queensland Australia in January 1866. All children were born in Queensland.
Thomas William b 1866
Georgina Jane b 1869
Elizabeth Mary  b  1871-my great grandmother
Amy Louisa b  1873-1881
 Charles David b 1874
Albert Bruton b  1875
Alfred James b  1877
George  b 1879
Emily Agnes b  1881
Ethel b 1883 d 1883
Edith Victoria b 1884 d 1884
Joseph Henry b  1886
 William Naish 1838-1918
Georgina Naish(born Shearmur) 1842-1926

 Doesn't Georgina look stylish here?

 Now to the children.
Possibly from L to R about 1874 Georgina Jane, Amy, Elizabeth Mary and Thomas

Elizabeth Mary Naish and Georgina Jane Naish about 1885
Could this be Thomas with Charles & mother hidden behind the curtain. Could it be another son with another baby? Any help appreciated.
Georgina Jane about 1888
Elizabeth Mary Naish about 1888
Elizabeth Mary Naish about 1888

Elizabeth Mary Holmes(born Naish)
 I really feel privileged to have these photos handed down and still in good order. Isn't handy to have hoarders in the family?