Saturday, 11 April 2015

J is for John Laws

Now John Laws was an uncle, a great uncle,   a first cousin once removed, and  a 3G grandfather. Get the picture there are many John Laws or ... John Laws in my ancestry but the most puzzling is my 3G grandfather.
 He married Hannah Murray on 20th May 1822 in the church of St George the Martyr, Southwark Surrey England. The next record we find of him is the christenings of the 4 children, Selina, Amelia, George and William on 28th September 1831 in the church of St George in the East, Middlesex. Here it has his occupation as mariner and the abode as Princes St when William was born. Interestingly Selina was born in Ratcliff Square, Amelia in North St Limehouse and George in Tarling St and these were recorded in the christening record.
From Selina's marriage record in 1842 at the church of St Leonards in Shoreditch her father is listed as John Laws engineer and again in Amelia's marriage record in 1845 in the parish church of Bow, John Laws is the father and again an engineer.
However by 1859 when William  married in Alverstoke, Hampshire John was was listed as a butcher and also in the marriage record of Hannah, the younger daughter, in 1860 in Alverstoke, Hampshire.
Where and when did John die? The only indication I have of his death is a reference in the apprenticeship record of William's in 1843 of William being an orphan. His mother was not dead so it indicates that his father was dead.
In the 1841 census he is not living with the family. Where is he? Is he on a ship, living somewhere else or dead? John Laws is a common name so it has been difficult to pin him down without much to go on.
So who were John's parents, when was he born, when did he die? Did he have siblings? All questions yet to be answered and so little information to go on.