Friday, 27 February 2015

Shearmur Family Album Part 5

I guess you are wondering who Georgina Naish (nee Shearmur) was.
Well here she is.
She was born in Alderley Gloucestershire in  1842 and  confirmed April 16 1858 in Wotton-Under -Edge Gloucestershire
and came to Australia in 1864. This is a very interesting fact to prove. Her obituary has her arriving in 1864 but finding her arrival is proving very difficult. The Brisbane Courier  September 20 1864 (1) has Mrs Sherwood, three children and servants as cabin passengers on The Cornwallis. This ship has been very difficult to trace but from the article the ship had 20 first class and second cabin passengers and about 1000 tons of merchandise and 2 entire horses. So it is very likely a cargo ship rather than a passenger ship.
Family story has it that Georgina was one of the servants. Fortunately Mrs Sherwood kept a diary and it has been digitized as part of the Australian Joint Copying Project. However the diary is only from 1865-1870. From the diary (2) I have been able to find that Georgina Naish with baby arrived at 2pm on Tuesday March 3 1868 and she stayed until Monday June 8. I think that suggests that Georgina was very well connected to Mrs Sherwood.
Unumgar Station Homestead
Georgina had married William Naish in Warwick Queensland January 25 1866 and had a son Thomas William Naish December 13 1866 so Thomas William took a trip from Warwick to the Unumgar Station in the Upper Richmond Region of Northern New South Wales as a 1 year old.
Georgina and William Naish went on the have more children but that is for another day and more photos.

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(2) Sherwood, Anne (1900). Diary of the wife of Captain Thomas Henry Sherwood, Unumgar Station, Upper Richmond River, N.S.W., 15 Dec. 1865- 31 Dec. 1870
Photo of Unumgar homestead courtesy Mitchell Library, State Library of New South Wales