Monday, 23 February 2015

Shearmur Family Album

When visiting my cousin Mildred a few months ago she produced a beautiful surprise-carte de visite photos from Great great grandma Georgina Naish( nee Shearmur). Of course there were no names, no dates and no places. However there were photographer's names on some.
Off to work I went to find where the photographers were from and when they were around.
Mildred had already done some but there were over 40 left for me.
One of the most interesting for me was a group of 6 (2 males and 4 females). Could this be Georgina's siblings? Unfortunately this photo does not have a photographer's name to help.
From Dating Old Photographs-Photographers 1840-1940 Great Britain & Ireland I used the Wizard to date this little photo. The result was between 1860-1873. This didn't help me much but Georgina came to Australia in 1864. By 1864 her eldest sister Frances had died but she had sisters Mary Ann Shearmur born 1837, Arlette Shearmur born 1840,  Jane Shearmur born cir 1847, Elizabeth Margaret Shearmur born cir 1850 and brothers Thomas Shearmur born 1851 and James Bruton  Shearmur born 1854 still alive. The youngest male (centre back row) looks more than 10 years old but was the photo taken after 1864 and sent to Georgina? Who else could it be? Don't you just love the uncertainty?

More photos to come and more questions.


  1. Welcome to the blogging world Judy. Love the layout, content and images you've chosen. Look forward to future posts.