Thursday, 26 February 2015

Shearmur Family Album Part 4

Don't you just love the beards or are they long sideburns?

This photo intrigues me as it has the  very fancy photographer branding on the reverse.
"From the Studio of Meredith Peniy Wootton-Under-Edge  This Picture can be enlarged to any size, and Coloured in Oil"
Note the rounded corners of the card too.
From the carte de visite photo dating site I  received an approximate date of between 1877-1886.
My great great grandma Georgina Naish(nee Shearmur) was well and truly in Australia by this but Georgina was confirmed in Wootton-Under-Edge in 1858 (1).
Could this be her father and an uncle? Thomas Brain Shearmur( her father was born in 1806 in Wiltshire (2)) had a brother John born 1808 in Gloucestershire (3).
As these fellows look about the same age and were still alive until 1887 perhaps they are the brothers. Who knows? I hope someone does.

1. Confirmation card held by me.
2. English census 1851, Class: HO107; Piece: 1956; Folio: 499; Page: 6; GSU roll: 87356.  Cit. Date: 27 May 2008.
3. Email from Mary Mather: Shearmur chart # 73  3/8/2014