Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Shearmur Family Album Part 2

This photo was taken by Camille Silvy, a photographer born in France but he was an active portrait photographer in the 1860's in London and took photos of the rich and famous. This link will give you more information about him. http://www.photolondon.org.uk/pages/details.asp?pid=1254

The National Portrait Gallery in London has his day record books. There are 17000 sittings and  12000 have photos with the record. What's the betting that this photo is one of the 5000 without a photo? Am I going to London to try? Yes if I win Lotto.

As Georgina Shearmur came out to Australia as a servant for Mrs Ann Sherwood from Alderley House in Gloucestershire, is this Ann Sherwood?  She is the only rich and famous one I could find in our family stories.
Even more photos to come