Saturday, 10 February 2018

Another of Lionel Edgar Laws poems for his grandson Robin.

In previous  posts and I transcribed some of Lionel Edgar's poems.

Here is another. Remember he is writing these poems for his 12 year old grandson Robin,

Three men in suits

Three men in new suits
without any boots
went out to steal fruit one day
when they got to the fence
and strode in to commence
they heard a loud voice that said Hey.

They proclaimed 'twas in fun
but he pulled out a gun
up went their hands to explain
For two pins I'd bust you
You know I don't trust you
You lie, as you'd steal, that is plain

They started to cry
It made him fight shy
This overcame all of their fear
But this is the rub
They took him to the pub
and fill him with Bulimba Beer.

According to repute
the beer cost more than the fruit
'Twas not a congenial outing
The man with the gun
Had the best of the fun
While the men in new suits did the shouting.

He did not put three wise
It came as a surprise
to find that he was stealing as they were
But the next time they met
They were already set
what they gave him compelled him to stay there

There is a proverb that says
You can't have it both ways
and as sure as he was a sinner
when you read of my joke
In it's worn threadbare cloak
you'll declare that there's nothing much thinner.

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