Monday, 25 April 2016

U is for Up the creek

In Aussie speech "up the creek without a paddle" means you have no hope of doing whatever you planned. (1)
For me up the creek means going to the creek for a swim and a picnic. Our favourite spot as  children was the Washpool at Sandy Creek just west of Warwick. Even grandfather Armitstead was a frequent visitor but he also visited Iron Pot at Sandy Creek nearby.
Betty, Harley, Jack & Rene Armitstead at Iron Pot

 Harley, Betty & Jack Armitstead at Iron Pot

Walking up the creek

At the Washpool 1953
Both these spots are now covered by water from the Leslie Dam but the Washpool name is still used as there is now a Washpool recreation area.

Washpool Recreation Area 2016

(1) See for a better description

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