Saturday, 16 April 2016

N is for Nicholas Armitstead AtoZ Challenge 2016

Nicholas Armitstead, the first son of William and Agnes Mawson Armitstead  was  baptised in the Roman Catholic Church Kendal Westmorland England on January 26 1840. Sadly he died on March 19 1840. Although he did not live very long he has provided some food for thought.

This is the family tree I would like it to be. However have I got it correct? I'm sure I have more work to do to  prove this result.

Facts I have
1763 Nicholas Armitstead baptised  Inghamite Pear Tree Chapel Kendal, Westmorland, England
1785 Nicholas Armitstead married Mary Beaumont  Tatham Lancaster
1786 William Armitstead first son of Nicholas and Mary Armitstead baptised Bentham Yorkshire

1809 William Armitstead married Dorothy Conway  Kendal( William a bachelor from Lancaster)
1810 Dorothy Armitstead died a papist  Kendal
1811 William Armitstead married Eleanor Halliday( William a widower of Kendal)
1815 Willliam Armitstead died a papist,  aged 29. Hence why I want him to be the son of Nicholas & Mary.
1815 William Armitstead (son of William and Eleanor) baptised Roman Catholic Church Kendal
1837 William Armitstead married Agnes Mawson Troughton Kendal
1840 Nicholas Armitstead first son of William and Agnes Armitstead baptised Roman Catholic Church Kendal
1840 Nicholas Armitstead dies in Kendal
Did William & Agnes name their first son after the great grandfather? I hope so.
I guess I will need to get the parish registers for Bentham and Tatham to see what other evidence I can find. Much more work needed I'm sure.