Tuesday, 12 April 2016

J is for Jacob Holmes AtoZ challenge 2016

Jacob Holmes
John & Mary Ann Holmes welcomed their son Jacob Holmes( my great grandfather) into the world in Allora Queensland on June 1 1872. He was their tenth son and eleventh child. By the time he arrived his parents had already lost 3 sons and their only daughter.

Jacob married Elizabeth Mary Naish in Allora on February 27 1895.
For a short time he ran a fruit and confectionery shop in Allora. Here, the story goes,  my grandmother took a piece of fruit from the shop and got into lots of trouble.  Next venture was a farm on Dalrymple Creek and after a few years they moved to the farm, "Glenvale" at Mt Marshall, just south-east of Allora.
Glenvale in 2008
Here they raised their family, Lorna Bessie Holmes, Lynda Daisy Holmes, Norma Victoria Holmes, Clifford Eric Osmond Holmes, Mildred Emily Holmes, Gladys Beryl Holmes and Phoebe Lettice Holmes.

 Jacob was elected to the Allora Council along with his brother John and they were following
in the footsteps of their elder brother Isaac.

Jubilee Council, Allora 1919
Back row: Mr A. Hamilton(Shire Clerk) Councillors C. G. Shooter, E. N. Maher, C. Smith, Mr L. E. Laws(engineer),   Councillor J. Reid and Mr J. E. Harvey( Allora Guardian)                                                                                                                                                          Front row: Councillors John Holmes, Jacob Holmes, W. J. T. Neale(Chairman), J. Dean and P. H. Imhoff                                                                Insert: Councillor G.A.H.Allen.                                                                                                                    
The farm at Mt Marshall was run very successfully and in 1936 was able to produce 2 crops of wheat off the same land in one year.
The Telegraph Brisbane Qld 1872-1947 7 August 1936

http://trove.nla.gov.au/newspaper/article/184027908 accessed 11 April 2016

He also managed to play many games of bowls as evidenced by the number of match results reported in the newspapers, especially after he retired and moved to live in Allora. He played most of his games in Allora but also against Sandgate and  Pittsworth clubs
He died on September 5 1940 and is buried in Allora cemetery.