Friday, 1 April 2016

A is for Arrival - AtoZChallenge 2016

A is for Arrival in Boulia.

Well where is it?

Map courtesy of the Boulia Shire Council used with permission

Having flown from Brisbane yesterday and taken all day to get here we now feel we've arrived.
Our flight left at 7:55am from Brisbane airport and took us on the mail plane to Toowoomba where we landed at the new airport at Wellcamp. Brisbane West Wellcamp is its official name. Charleville was our next stop and then on to Quilpie and then Windorah for lunch. As we were on  a smallish plane(30 Passengers) there was no lunch provided. In typical Aussie fashion however we could get a meat pie from the fridge in the terminal, put it in the microwave and heat it for ourselves and even get tomato sauce from the fridge to enhance our Mrs Mac's pie. To pay for it there was a tin attached to the wall for our money.  As you can tell from this there is no one in the terminal permanently. They  direct the plane on landing, unload the cargo and luggage  and then return  to their other jobs.
Our plane at Windorah
Even then we weren't heading for Boulia. We had mail and passengers for Birdsville.  Then onto to Bedourie and the  last leg was to Boulia and we arrived at 4:00 pm-10 minutes early and we are now about 1700 km from Brisbane. We certainly saw a lot of the country. Flying over the Channel Country for the first time was amazing.  We are very lucky as there has been some summer rain this year and there was, for me, lots of green areas where for the last few years it has been brown and red only. Drought has been hard on the locals so it is nice to see some green although I believe that they have not had enough  rain yet to say the drought is over.
Channel Country near Boulia
Why are we here?
The local branch of the Queensland Country Women's Association (QCWA) has organised a Family History workshop for the weekend and Lyn Caldwell & I are running it on behalf of the Genealogical Society of Queensland.
More of that later.