Wednesday, 10 June 2015

More of Lionel Edgar Laws's "poems"

When my uncle Robin Laws was 12 years of age he asked his grandfather to write some poems for him. I'm now proud to be the publisher of some more of my great grandfather's poems. ( I don't really think that any other publisher will be miffed that they missed out on the job.)

A Reply

When the old bootmaker got up off his stool
He certainly showed he was a not a fool
With his cap and his head continually bobbin
He sold Magic Shoes to a boy named Robin

Who must have got terrible  pains in his knees
When each of his shoes went just where it pleased
And when he went out in the nearby lane
Was a source of discomfort to his carer Jane

Who had no experience of previous magic
What Robin accomplished was truly tragic
She found the nails had pulled out and left holes
Leaving Robin completely bereft of his soles

That didn't much matter as he was done with straddling
The weather being wet he could go on with his paddling
He learned when he bought, he was beautifully sold
And when he paddled in bare feet he'd never catch cold.

Not Perplexed 
When you hung old Granny's stocking up
You must have discovered a peg
Altho you sold Granny a pup
Don't try to teach her to suck an egg

Old Gran could teach you a great many things
Which I feel that you all should know
How to go through this world on springs
With an entertaining pal as Yom-so

Old Granny would find a use for the sticks
Without casting them into the mire
In the morning before reading the "Pix"
She would use them for lighting the fire

Then to make you a nice piece of toast
Fry you an egg she's forgotten to suck
Look after your comfort while she was your host
But to get a living don't trust too much to your luck

December 25 1946

I'm sorry great grandfather I don't think you will win any literary prizes with these but the family has enjoyed your poems to Robin especially as Robin very carefully kept the handwritten originals.