Tuesday, 26 May 2015

The Naish family increases-Shearmur Album part 6.

Here are more of my lovely old photos from Great Great Grandma Georgina Shearmur's album.
From cousin Mildred we have some guesses at these Naish family photos.
By 1874 William and Georgina Naish had Thomas born 1866, Georgina Jane born 1869, Elizabeth Mary born 1871 and Amy Louisa born 1873 and Charles had just arrived. 

So in this photo on the left it looks like we have Georgina Jane, Amy, Elizabeth and Thomas.
Now if you look carefully at the next photo the boy on the  left could be Thomas but who is hiding under the cloth holding the baby? Sometimes they hid the mother but someone had to hold the baby so they just hid her behind a cloth. Is the baby Charles or is the photo taken later and it is Albert born 1875 or Alfred born 1877 or George 1879? If the boy on the left is Thomas I think the photo is taken after the group one above as he has different clothes and looks older. Unfortunately the photographer was in business for many years so it is hard to date the photo from that.

 About 1885 as now Elizabeth is about 14 and Georgina Jane about 16 years old

About 1888 and Georgina Jane is now 19 years of age and here is an older Georgina Jane

 Below we have Thomas   cir 1888 photographed by Alex Reid in Warwick Qld.
These two below we think are Elizabeth Mary but are open to other suggestions. Both photos are taken by Will Stark The Wandering Photographer

And of course we have to have one that we don't know who the baby is, don't we? The mother is Georgina Naish. Now which baby is this? We have quite a few to choose from- Charles, Albert, Alfred, George, Emily and Joseph. Georgina looks older so I wonder if this is Emily born 1881, the next girl after 4 boys. By then Georgina would have been 39.

Well have I got it correct or not? They are certainly giving me much enjoyment trying to work out who they are. Just hope that other members of the extended family out there might have some idea. Would love to hear from you if you do.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Reflections on A to Z challenge 2015

 Yes, I managed to get 26 posts ready for each of the required days. If you had asked me this time last year whether I would get 26 posts done in one month I would have said "no way".  I really appreciated the challenge. It certainly made me get a wriggle on to put some of my family history "out there" for others to read. I wanted other members of my extended family to know what I'd found and be able to share it and not hide it from other family members.
Finding photos for my blog certainly took up more time than I thought it would. It showed me I need to have my photos better organized.

I enjoyed reading other blogs although towards the end I had a slow down as I got called away urgently. Still there's always tomorrow, or the day after and I will be able to go back to the blog list and check on ones I haven't read yet.
Thanks to the organizers for a great challenge-have to get my thinking cap on for next year.
Thanks also to  Tessa  of  http://keoughcorner.blogspot.com.au for encouragement. I had only started blogging in February so it was a very, very new experience for me.
Wasn't it great to read other blogs that you would not have found otherwise and on such a wide variety of topics?