Wednesday, 22 April 2015

S is for Shearmur Album part 6

My Shearmur family came from Wotton under Edge in Gloucestershire. Georgina, my great great grandmother came to Australia in 1864. She has left a photo album that has been handed down in the family to one of my cousins. Unfortunately there are no names , dates or places on the photos. I have put some on previous blogs ( but here is another.

The photographer for this one was Zephaniah Dodson and he had a business in High St Swindon in the 1870's(1)   In the immediate family of Georgina's I cannot find a matching sibling with a son in this time. So who are they? I might just have to admire the photo.

This one was taken in London by H Turner who had a business in Poplar London from 1871 to 1874( different dating on back of photo) (2) but this photographer was at Bedford Place Commercial Rd E. Poplar from 1871 to 1874.  She doesn't appear to be wearing a wedding ring. Is this Elizabeth Margaret Shearmur youngest sister of Georgina?  Did she visit her sister Arlette Bodnum in London and have this photo taken?
There  are always more questions for me and no answers. Does  anyone know any Shearmurs?



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