Saturday, 18 April 2015

P is for Picnics-One Dunlop Bottle Opener and Picnics

Picnics have featured in our families for quite a long time.
Grandfather John Armitstead took the family to The Washpool outside Warwick and other places near Warwick Queensland.

Jack and Florrie Armitstead with Grandma
Gillie  and Florrie's brother  Ken Gillie enjoying a picnic.
Dorothy and Rene Armitstead with family friends at The Washpool

Laws Family enjoying picnics.

Growing up in Warwick Queensland our family
 owned a chicken farm. This led to very busy
lives for our parents but they always managed
to find time to take us on picnics.
 Cousins at the Washpool about 1953

Meanwhile cousins on the other side of the family were enjoying picnics too.  Nothing beats eating outdoors.

Mum, Dad & Sue at The Washpool. We would have cooked chicken, salad and bread and soft drink. Of course we needed a bottle opener for the soft drink bottle-no screw caps then. The local tyre retailer had given us a beauty- a large one about 20cm long with an end like a tyre to use for the opener. However disaster struck, we left it in the grass at The Washpool. By this time the tyre retailer did not have anymore so we were without this magnificent bottle opener.

HOWEVER a year later we returned to The Washpool and there it was lying in the grass-
definitely a long lasting Dunlop Tyre company bottle opener.

Picnics continue- we had  picnics for our Laws family reunion at the Gold Coast in 1983

and for the Holmes Family reunion at Pittsworth
in 2000

Now a little bit older  so we need more comfort by the Condamine River, Warwick