Wednesday, 15 April 2015

M is for Marriages

Marriages are very interesting items for family historians. Some occur before the birth of children, some just before( "premature babies") and some after the birth of children. If the minister was not in the area at the time they wanted to be married they just went ahead, had children and when he was available they got married. In early days of the settlement of Australia the minister might only come once in a while.
My earliest photo of a marriage is for Jacob Holmes and Elizabeth         Mary Naish my great grandparents in 1895.

The next earliest one I have is for their daughter Phoebe Holmes  when she married William Ogilvie in 1932.

 Then my parents in 1944

And me in 1986
This group had my Mum & Dad, 2 brothers, my sister and their spouses with my nephew  and my niece.

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  1. Judy, my sister Helen, wood a similar hat to the one you are wearing when she got married in 1979. Sue