Thursday, 2 April 2015

B is for Benjamin (#AtoZChallenge)

Fancy this. I looked in my family tree to see what names I had beginning with B. I was very surprised to find 13 Benjamins in the ancestry and 8 living ones and that is without counting  Ben.
Benjamin Blackledge born  cir 1823
Benjamin Gibbons  born  cir 1824
Benjamin Holmes born cir 1797
Benjamin Holmes born cir 1834                                    

Benjamin Holmes born cir 1855
Benjamin Holmes born cir 1867
Benjamin Holmes born cir  1887
Benjamin Holmes  born cir 1895
Benjamin Skipworth born cir 1792
Benjamin Skipworth born cir 1831
Benjamin Tathem born cir 1735
Benjamin Warren born cir 1770
Benjamin Warren born cir 1805 

Of the ancestors one was from my Fathers maternal line, 5 from my husband's maternal line and 7 from my maternal line.

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