Monday, 2 March 2015

Naish Family in Australia

William and Georgina Naish had 12 children.
Thomas William b 1866
Georgina Jane b 1869
Elizabeth Mary  b  1871-my great grandmother
Amy Louisa b  1873
Charles David b 1874
Albert Bruton b  1875
Alfred James b  1877
George  b 1879
Emily Agnes b  1881
Ethel b 1883 d 1883
Edith Victoria b 1884 d 1884
Joseph Henry b  1886

The photos here are all taken by Albert Lomer, Queen St Brisbane Queensland and he was in business from 1874 to 1900.(1)   With such a wide date range I am not sure how I can work out which is which. So here is my thoughts so far.

Daughter aged about 12

Daughter aged about 8

 Now I have the 3 boys

Son about 11, maybe

son about 10,  maybe.
Son about  8, maybe.
These photos continue to both intrigue and frustrate me. There is such a collection of them and no one seems to know who they are.
Would love to hear from someone who might be able to enlighten me.

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