Monday, 16 March 2015

Great Grandpa answers a request of his grandson Robin

Uncle Robin was invited to dinner at my mother's home when we were home one weekend. I had asked him if he had any family items that he could share with me.
He duly arrived with an arm full of "goodies"
As a 12 year old he had asked his grandfather Lionel Edgar to write some poems for him. So I'm now publishing transcriptions of his hand written "poems" for him 59 years on. I hope he can know that I'm doing this for him and that he is now in print.

Lionel Edgar and Louisa Rebecca Laws
May 19 1946
Random Rhyme
Take my advice

My Grandson Robin is a great little bird
He has sent me a special request
Write me a poem his voice it is heard
Before you pass out to the West

Write me a poem before it's too late
The last day to us all it must come
Write me a poem at seventy-eight
Signed Robin your loving grandson

I now pen a few lines of good advice
To help you through life's long span
Well move your fingers like galloping mice
As correct and as fast as you can

Over the keyboard with ivory notes
I've no doubt you'll create a record
As over the air a melody floats
Robin Laws on one of his many trips
When judged by a "Musical Board"

Be honest and truthful whatever your lot
Take care to select a good wife
Remember that once you were in a cot
Smile at setbacks, trouble and strife

Ever with a heart that is brave and true
Be it work, cricket, football or fight
Do what your hands find to do
And do it with all your might.

Be sure to grow up a model young man
Some day you might even gaze on a daughter
Eschew strong drink make it your plan
To quench your thirst by drinking cold water

Act on the proverb that relates to a stitch
Be prompt and smart at your job
Don't say this jolly thing gives me the itch
Or you'll continue as one of a mob

Please accept your Grandpa's good wishes
As a pansy might say to a rose
Breathe in the fresh air as your form it enriches

Where we'll end up only God knows

Grandpa Laws

Of course I doubt that any publisher would think this worthy of publication but as I didn't know Great Grandpa Laws I thoroughly enjoyed his words of wisdom. Sadly for Uncle Robin he didn't marry so he couldn't gaze on a daughter but spoilt lots of his nieces. He certainly played the piano and organ and sang in choirs.