Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Georgina's book of poems-Forget me Not

As I hunt through the things my mother has kept for many years I find lots of treasures that have been handed down through the family. I obviously came from a family of hoarders. My husband would probably say I was the best hoarder of them all.

This little book to me was just a little book.
Then I discovered the name inscribed inside the cover-Georgina Naish,  Allora- my great great grandma.

I then took note of the date of publication. The book was printed in Edinburgh in 1846. I couldn't believe my eyes- yes 1846.

Then I turned the page to the contents page(or rather pages). I've only put the first page here  but there are 4 pages of the contents. This little book had 254 pages. Sadly the last two pages have not stood the test of time( or probably children)

Here is page 4 of the contents page. The theme of the poems is Forget Me Not. One can only surmise but perhaps this was given to Georgina when she left home in 1864. What a lovely little book this is.