Friday, 27 March 2015

Congress 2015 - first day.

Well I've survived the first day of presentation after presentation. My head is spinning with new ideas and can't wait to get home and try them out AND this is only the first day.
Yes Canberra put on a cold Autumn day but once inside the Convention Centre the temperature rose. All those keen genealogists were hard at conversations and then hurrying to their chosen talk. My choices were  What can I find using eRecords by Cora  Num, Buried Treasure: What's in the English Parish Chest by Paul Milner, Family Search: Future and Vision by David Rencher and Not just the facts, Ma'am, give me the big picture by Colleen Fitzpatrick.
Unfortunately Cora was not able to be present to give her talk live as was intended but with the use of technology we had her recorded talk from her home. Great use of technology saved the day. Need some sleep now to be able to keep up the pace.
Bring on the rest of the Congress.

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