Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Congress 2015- Canberra-my first Congress

Having watched GeniAus and others on the hangout the other night I'm certainly getting excited. However I'm not just "doing" the Congress.
I'm definitely counting down as I leave this weekend.  I'm arriving early so I can catch up with members of the family I haven't seen for many years. An aunt and  a cousin have lived in Canberra for a long time and I haven't been to Canberra since 1991so it will be good to catch up with them too.
Via MyHeritage I've linked up with another cousin who organised a family reunion for my Mother's mother's family in 2000 and she had managed to get 600 to Pittsworth, Queensland for that. I'm able to stay with her before the Congress- many late nights comparing notes I'm sure. When it starts I'm moving closer so I can walk as I too think that sitting all day I'll need to get some exercise. It will be great to meet up with all the bloggers I've been following.  Some of the ones on the hangout tried to say they were shy but they all managed to talk on the Hangout OK. Me-well I'm still too timid to go live on a hangout so I don't class them as shy.
As a Queenslander I'm watching the temperatures in Canberra. Didn't like the look of some of the  morning's minima-6 degrees. That is about the coldest morning in Brisbane in the Winter.  When you see someone wearing a sweater that'll be me as I don't like cold weather.

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  1. I'm a Queenslander too, and I'll definitely be wearing a sweater if temperatures are around 6.C on my 15 minute walk to the Convention Centre each morning. :-)